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Benefits Of Early Morning Sex

If you had a bad valentine’s day experience this year, you probably have not understood the benefits of early morning sex. I would have thought that couples would take advantage of the valentine day, to enjoy the benefits of early morning sex. Valentine day is a day when early morning sex is highly essential since love and sex are in the air. Sex in the morning for couples can be great fun when they have an understanding of how it works. It will give them great satisfaction, since the man will be at his best for great performance that takes the wife to the zenith of sexual pleasure.

Due to a biological reason that is known as testosterone, your man’s best time for sex is in the morning. After a night’s sleep, the level of testosterone peaks. And testosterone is a leading contributor to sexual feelings in men. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that stimulates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Apart from this, most men wake up with fully aroused body because blood circulation to the penis increases overnight. But men don’t look down at the rod in the morning, thinking “Oh! That’s just my junk doing its thing.” Rather, he sees an erection, and wants to put it to use, instead of letting it“be at peace” or deflate. What is on his mind is to strike the iron while it is hot. So you’ve got to understand why he is ever-ready the more in the morning for sex.
Sex in the morning is advantageous in many ways. These include

It will help him to maintain sanity in face of temptations (especially from the secretary or the tea lady) as he goes about his job in the office or around in the town.
When the man is allowed to enjoy sex in the morning, it helps him to easily overcome temptation or sexual advances during the day. He would have fully discharged his overnight stored up energy, such that during the day, he is not too keen on having it again. But, without early morning sex, your husband is at risk, facing the visual female assault in town. This is heightened during valentine, and early morning sex on a day like that, will keep even the randy husband sane for once. So, if your husband was let loose on valentine’s day, it could be your fault.

Makes him to last longer for the pleasure of his woman
According to a therapist, “When a man has higher Testosterone, and he’s well rested, he has more energy during sex and that energy will make him last longer for the pleasure of his woman”According to sex therapist, Dr. Arlene Goldman,co-author of Psychology Today’s Here to Help: Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy “Many men are on their horniest first thing in the morning.” The longer he lasts in bed, the better the pleasure he gives his woman.

It is an avenue for the wife to reach orgasm
For a wife who finds it difficult reaching orgasm- the zenith of sexual pleasure that gives maximum satisfaction- sex in the morning affords her the opportunity, since her husband will be able to last longer with his erection. It is by staying hard that enables him to help her reach orgasm. This is why premature ejaculation is a serious concern to the husband.

It is also a great way of keeping him thinking about you all day long instead of flirting around in the office.
When you have sex in the morning, you develop a connectivity that gets both of you thinking about each other during the day, especially in the face of sexual advances. Your thoughts for sex and love will centre around each other as a result of the pleasure derived from the early morning sex. So, you carry each other around in your thought, and it helps you remember doing nice things (buy gifts) for each other.

So, couples should take advantage of the benefits derivable from sex in the morning. All you need do is learn how to handle early morning sex, especially for the wife, who may not necessarily be in the mood for sex at such time of the day. There is a way you can deal with it that both of you will enjoy it.

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