Meet the Incredibly Outstanding Nigerian DJ and Singer, DJ Vibez.

The skilled professional DJ who hails from Kwara state, The incredible Vibez has given the streets immense joy with his Street Banger KWARA KWARA and series of globally accepted mixtapes ranging from best of burna boy, best if kizz daniel and lots from the old skool. An inspiration to the World.

How did the journey begin DJ vibez?

Initially my life became immersed with music since I was a kid, my dad was a DJ, I grew up in the studio. I started professionally 2010, few years after high school.

Tell the world what gave you the inspiration to begin your career as a DJ?

I started Djing as a craft with learning of fruity loops and virtual DJ. I make beats to create remixes and refixes of songs and share to DJ colleagues in my hood and also upload online, which made the brand name went viral within the few period of time I started.

We know you as an outstanding DJ, what led you into music making?Yeah… I got inspired to be a DJ from listening to DJ mixtape and also song mashup, remixes and refixes, how beats are been laid on another song and also how songs blends.The fact that i understand good music when I hear one and the fact that I understand music itself makes me believe I can always come out with a good vibes whenever I step into the studio to record.

Tell the world about your Globally accepted Street banger ‘kwara kwara’

Hmmm… “Kwara Kwara” is a song I wrote and I did it basically to speak for my brothers and sisters hailing from Kwara with various talents should be duly acknowledged and given all props deserved in the entertainment industry Because of what has been pictured about Kwara as a region with zero social innovative lifestyle and uncivilized.

The world knows how crazy the music industry in Nigeria is, whats your experience?

Yeah… the fucked up system in our economy has made it difficult for hustlers to survive and cope because every moves in industry has to do with money, power and connection, which has made everything been so difficult for hustlers like us who doesn’t have a label or sponsors. We struggle for money to book sessions to record, money to feature influential and well established body on music projects, money to shoot video, money to promote on blogs, radio, TV stations, even Radio & TV interviews all doesn’t go for free.

whats your relationship with the YomiSars the Igbalode cop, we have seen you with the Sapon Gang squad, do you intend to join the movement or an impending partnership?

Let me first tell you what Sapon Gang is all about. Sapon Gang is a group of influential people that have decided to give back to there communities by coming up with intelligent and innovative ideas. Guccimane Eko A.k.a Yomisars, the most influential cop in Africa. He is the founder of Sapon, he’s a brother, my boss and my mentor, whom has been showing me huge love and support. I’m 100% proud and happy to be with the gang. Sapon To The World.

Tell the world about your new projects.

I have a lot of delicacy in the kitchen for y’all which hasn’t been cooked and already cooked, I’ve got about 10 songs recorded and i got different artists on each. I’m working on an E.P soon.

what your fans expect from you in coming weeks?You guys should watch out for TAKASUFE, I got Guccimane Eko and CDQ on this one. Expect this from me anytime soon.

Any advise for the new and upcoming Dj’s?

My advice for the upcoming DJ is to work very hard and smart, stay loyal to the grind and more importantly prayers.Thank you For your Time.

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