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Sexual Skills For Sexual Pleasure

IN  getting married, partners should realise that sex is not just important, it must give pleasure as well. The beauty of sex in marriage is in the pleasure it produces. Without pleasure, sex in marriage becomes monotonous, and may lead to infidelity, the end result of which may be disastrous. So, every couple should of necessity work towards ensuring that sex is made pleasurable. Sex is not only for baby production, which is usually the focus of couples in marriage; especially in this part of the world. This can be done using the right skills. Some of such pleasurable sex skills include the following:

  1. Understanding the most important sex organs of a man and a woman.

For a woman, it is the mind, while for the man it is the penis. These two must be worked upon and maintained if they will produce maximum satisfaction for the couple. So, every husband should learn how to handle his wife’s mind, while wives should be skillful with the husband’s penis. Sweet words is like a magic wand for a woman’s mind. But loving caressing of the man’s penis drives him wild in bed.

  1. Pleasure points must be discovered.

Every man must know what gives his woman maximum sexual pleasure. It is not just enough to rise and sink inside her; you must know the way to strike for the best effect. This comes from reading generally about the female’s sexual body composition and personally studying how your wife responds to each of the several things you do to her during sex. This must not be left to the men alone, women also must do the same. Body exploration for male and female must be learnt if the necessary satisfaction will be derived.

  1. Sex styles adventure.

Get to try out different sex positions with your spouse to find out which one(s) will give sexual satisfaction to both of you. Missionary style is not the best when you want to have wild, pleasurable sex. I have some sex styles in my book, Enjoying Great Sex Life. You can try them out if you need help along that line.

  1. Add romance to your day-to-day activity.

Many men only remember they have a wife when they want sex. Romance must be part and parcel of your marriage. Do things you used to do before you got married: say nice things to each other, tickle each other, play with each other, go for a walk together from time to time, send love messages to each other, buy gifts for each other (not necessarily expensive things) etc. Candle light dinner, breakfast in bed, Cinema outing, and home alone days are some romantic things to do. All these will prepare you for pleasurable sex, without having to go through the ritual of appealing for sex, or scheduling sex moment.

These are some of the skills to acquire if sexual pleasure will be within your reach in your marriage.

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