12 Things You Should Be Grateful For

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq


A lot is wrong with the society we live in; there is a whole lot about ourselves we desire to change. In attempts to change our society and make ourselves better, we forget to be grateful for the things we do have while we focus so much on the negative that the positive loses its place in our hearts. Here is a quick read on some things we all should be grateful for, for gratitude itself is a virtue.

Your Name

An identity, your name gives you a place in the world. Giving yourself a nickname or whether you changed it, or kept it or hated it does not change the fact that it’s your first, not only, identity, but an identity nonetheless. Be grateful for an identity.

Your Life

It does not matter what or how you think it is; it is a gift. Research has shown that a lot of people don’t get a chance to make it as far as you did. Poverty, disease, famines, and droughts claim thousands of lives each yearly, but you were lucky. You got to survive, to live, to love, to exist and to be able to dream. Be grateful for your life.

Your Parents

The only beings who could love you more than you could ever love them, your most honest critics and biggest fans. Not all parents are great, I agree, but they brought you to the world and chose to let you live. Be grateful to your parents for their undying love, support, encouragement, and strength. Be grateful for the opportunity of life that they gave you.

 Your Courage

You’ve come so far and lived so long. You made it despite heartbreaks and pain, though disappointment and failure. Here you are, alive, motivated and raring to go. Be grateful to whatever is giving you the will to drag yourself out of bed and face the wicked and heartless world. Be it your motivation, your goals, your God, whatever, be grateful for the courage.

 Your Mind

A firm friend and complex science, your mind can travel to unknown destinations and yet be back to the present in a fraction of a second. It keeps you hoping and dreaming; It is, in essence, a part of what makes you, you. Be grateful for your mind’s ability to contribute immensely to making you who you are.

Your Tears

Remember that time you cried in joy? Those times you thought you couldn’t be happier? Also, recall those terrible nights when you thought your heart couldn’t take any more? Your tears are testimonies to the best and worst times you’ve had. Be grateful for the emotions your tears brought forth.

Your Mistakes

A tinted perspective, an unfair remark, clouded judgments, that stupid, stupid, phone call, some mistakes forgiven and some weren’t. Some mistakes warranted an answer, and some didn’t, every mistake helped you grow, to learn and understand. Be grateful for the wisdom that your mistakes enabled.

Your Life Lessons

A lesson can be anything. Basic etiquette, the path back home, the touch of a hand, the stranger who helped, the little girl you learned to console, a lesson in life is one that the only experience can enable. With every lesson learned, you’re one step more experienced than you were yesterday. Be grateful for the experience.

Your Job

It may not be the best yet, for all the hard work you put in and for the job that pays your rent but it could help you get the best. It’s one door that will lead to another. It’s a door that you had to fight to get to, be grateful the door opened.

Your Siblings

Your partners in crime, your shoulders in despair, and your first and last friends, your siblings are the best thing that could ever happen to you. Whether it’s an anniversary gift, a heartbreak, an inside joke or even plotting a plan, they’re always there and always on your side. Be grateful for your siblings.

Your Privileges

No matter how few privileges you have, at least you have some. You may work towards a fairer society, and that is awe-inspiring, but don’t forget to be grateful for the knowledge of their existence and the power to utilize your privileges. Be grateful that you know your privileges.

Your Choices

You were lucky to have an opportunity to make your choice, good or bad, to do as your heart desires and to be able to pick from among options. You were lucky that it wasn’t just one way. Be grateful for the opportunity to make your own choices.

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