See What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq


Have you ever wondered what your birth month has got to do with your sex life, well if you’ve always wondered if winter babies were kinkier than summer babies or vice versa, Mornewsonline.com has done some researches about the real story behind your sex life and your birth month?


January: January-born has one of the kinkiest signs. You wouldn’t think so, but they’re right up there with November birthdays in terms of being willing to experiment in bed and improve sexual experiences.

February: Those born in February people are adventurers. They breathe a lot of passion, but you have to work for it. Their heads are always focused on causes and always looking to the bigger picture, but it takes some time to get them to connect emotionally. It’s not that you can’t connect emotionally, but you better be prepared to work for it.

March: Those born in March love spending time in bed. Sex for them is very intense and bonded because they give their partner everything they have and are often ready to take sex to new heights of spirituality.

April: April-born people are very independent, so when they’re involved with someone, they give their all. Sex with an April-born person is hot, intense, and very passionate. Their passion is huge, but the study shows they often get tired of people quickly.

May: Those born in May want sex to be comfortable, sensual and warm. They love the act of sex itself. They want to make love on bed sheets in a gorgeously decorated room or not at all.

June: June-born people will want to try every position under the sun, always ready for the new challenge because they want to know everything about everything, not as intense as February-born people, but they’re still intense. If you want someone to talk dirty to you, they’ve got you covered.

July: Sex with July-born people has to have a deep emotional component. They have to feel safe with someone, and once they do, they are always ready to do anything to please their partner; they love to nurture people and make sure they’re satisfied and have everything they need.

August: People born in August can either be extremely generous or extremely selfish, and they are not the type you tell what to do in bed, and, they’ll want to make sure their partner has everything.

September: September-born are passionate but always love to be in control of their emotions, so when it comes to sex, it’ll take a lot to get them to let go and have a great orgasm. September-born does not immediately get into the sexual mood, but when they have an emotional component there, you are in for a good time.

October: October-born always want to paint a romantic, passionate picture, and tell you how it’ll be and how you’ll feel, they like to talk about everything, they tell you they want to go very slow and make the experience last. They’ll take their time and linger and romance someone. October-born people might lack passion, but they make up for that with spot-on courting that leads up to romantic sex.

November: November-born people are the epitome of what passionate sex is. They need to possess their partners and want their partners to possess them and will often make that happen. They try every sex act imaginable just for the fun of it.

December: Those born in December are very creative in bed; they love to create stories and role-play with partners. It’s often hard to connect to them more deeply, but they’ll make sex fun every single time.

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