Tips to Help You Train Smarter, Better and More Effectively

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

According to Research, the health and fitness world is full of misconceptions and myths. There are lots of articles and adverts about new diets and workout plans which are conflicting studies about our do’s and don’ts. In my bid to help answer some of those questions once and for all, here are few tips learned that would clear up confusions and help you become a fitter and healthier Human.

Understand that there are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, or magic pills but practice.

I know that was unexpected but sorry to surprise you right off the bat, it’s nothing but true. Although you can speed up the process, maximize your efforts and avoid mistakes with tested and tried methods. The key most important thing is your effort; being disciplined and working hard is imperative. The key is putting into practice the methods that are proven effective than others so that you can maximize your time.

The scales are not an excellent way to track fat loss

Only if you have over 10-15kg to lose, the scales are not going to give you excellent or meaningful feedback. Scale weight cannot distinguish between fat and muscle, and the vast majority of people know that muscle increase will help lose body fat and also make you look better increasing muscle is good while losing muscle is bad, the scales certainly will not tell you that!

When it comes to getting results, Attitude is number-one

Can-do and positive attitude with a sincere desire to progress and improve will get you results while a bad attitude will significantly hold you back. There’s a straight-forward correlation between success and attitude regardless of natural abilities and genetics.

Getting older will not decline your physical performance

None of us are going to live forever, but keeping unhealthy habits can only make you get worse over time. Age is not the reason but the time spent living a lifestyle that is killing your body.

You have to ask yourself if banging your head against a wall for eight minutes is worse for you than doing it for five minutes. Or smoking for ten years is worse than smoking for four years? The answer is yes which has nothing to do with being older.

Exercise is just like brushing your teeth

Brushing the teeth is never exciting for anyone, but needs to be done, and done regularly. Exercise should be part of your routine and shouldn’t happen in just eight-week or 12-weeks.

Recovery from exercise important as the workout itself

Stress reduction, healthy post-workout meal, seven to nine hours of sleep and some downtime are important to get optimal results; get results by recovering from the workout, not from the workout itself.

You are what you eat

The single biggest impact on your health is on what you eat or don’t eat but the quality of the food you eat matters a lot. It could be an animal, how was it raised? How did it feed? Was it caged or lived a roam free life? Was it given a natural grass-fed diet or an unnatural grain fed diet? You are what you eat.

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