Things happy relationships have in common

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

Physical attraction and a bit of chemistry may have brought couples together, but every relationship needs a spark to maintain a lasting and happy relationship. Here are a few qualities to help you keep a lasting relationship.



Compassion toward your partner makes him, or her feel appreciated, cared for which sparks the partnership, connection, and intimacy. It is an essential food healthy relationship needs.



The ability to anticipate and avoid problems is important in a happy relationship. Problems are always going to happen, and when a problem arises, couples should be able to solve them together; facing them together keeps a relationship strong and healthy.


A sense of humor

Strong couples can laugh at themselves instead of judging which makes the relationship entertaining instead of a battle. They share what they want with each other without turning each other into the enemy.



Trust is the most important thing in a marriage which takes years to build and a second to fall apart. It’s more than sexual fidelity because partners trust each other with everything from vulnerabilities, fears, painful wounds from childhood.



Positivity is imperative in relationships, especially after the honeymoon stage, a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you,’ or a simple compliment for something can do a lot of things. Praising our partner strengthens our bond, love, and connection.



The shiny star of relationships is the emotional and Sexual intimacy which builds over time, the feeling of being known, understood, loved, accepted and appreciated.


Mutual respect           

One quality which consistently helps couples through tragedy or adversity is mutual respect. High esteem and respect for your partner are important in a lasting relationship in joyous and challenging times.



Love is an action word; to love means, you demonstrate your love. There is no other way to show your spouse you love them. Love can be through words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and gifts. You treat them specially, they are your one and only.



Successful couples strengthen friendship long-term. Couples, who give each other the benefit of the doubt, know each other well and are fond of one another make friendship a priority.

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