The kind of Person You Deserve

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

Everybody deserves security and love, a wonderful combination that warms the heart. You deserve to know that the person you are with the will and want to be there for you, more importantly, will not run away when the good times turn sour. Someone who will fight your fights, stay by your side with you because you would do the same for them. You deserve someone who smiles at the mere sight of you smiling. The hands that only reach for you is what you deserve. They may perfectly manicure, or a complete mess, dry, cracked or calloused, but they know who you are, your body and hands.

Even when they hurt you, they hold you until you stopped shaking, kissing your cheeks and wiping away your tears until you give in to happiness again because anger is a state you cannot remain. Someone who accept responsibility for their actions and who will apologize when mistakes occur unintentionally is what you deserve, someone who can easily forgive you. Someone who wants you to be better, who seeks out the best opportunities for you, a person who gets you chocolate when you are cranky, a partner to indulge in your pleasures. The one who knows they had the better text you back.

Someone who strives to be better for themselves and you, this is the type of person who will never dream of holding you back and grow alongside you, someone who is looking at the big picture and has you in it.

You deserve someone you love as much as you love yourself.

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