The Most Difficult Man to Love

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

One of the hardest things to do is love a good man because a good man is not a nice man, being nice does not determine the way he does things, he does things based on his moral code, a set of values he prioritizes and always make sure that his actions are in line with his standards. A good man will not do convenient or easy things; he does what he knows to be a good thing.

A good man will not lie to spare your feelings; he will do many things that frustrate and get you angry. A good man will like to take his ex-girlfriends call while he’s with you, because she has anxiety and only ever call in an emergency, and he is obligated to do everything he can to help even when people around him are uncomfortable.

A good man put the wants of family and friends before his own needs, even when he knows that his friends and family are selfish and manipulative because loyalty is important to good men. Any woman knows that in today’s world of non-relationships, to be handed the gift of open communication is a blessing, even when it hurts.

Being with a good man is difficult, but also to be without one is equally devastating. It’s hard to find fault in a good man for making the logical decision to end an arrangement when he is not doing it for himself. Of course, good men are always gentle and courteous, which makes getting over him almost impossible.

A good man can do a lot of things for his genuine interest in you and your thoughts. Despite his irritating habits and flaws towards goodness, good men set the bar so high that no chance encounter at a bar or conversation online will make you feel like they are close to your good man.

So it is true that a good man is hard to find, but keeping one is harder and losing one is almost impossible – impossible to accept, deal with, and impossible to let go.

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