How to Beat Procrastination

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

Here is something really important about procrastination, graphing out my process of procrastination would look like this: bar chat of intensity of both bad and good feelings while writing this. The red bar includes the negative feelings that come with getting off my ass doing productive things such as mental fatigue, lack of sleep, uncertainty about whether what I am writing is good or not, personal problems distractions, hate insecurities, bad names, and nasty comments. While the green bar indicates the positive feelings associated with writing this, feelings like relief, the pleasure of creativity, the simple pleasure of writing, chuckles, jokes, and so on. The aggregate of associated negative feelings is higher than the positive feelings. Therefore, I decided to spend my time on YouTube, Facebook, take a nap, watch movies, rather than writing life-changing, mother-hollering piece of advice. But that is part of being human.

This simple stat essentially explains why we fail to do the things we should; the red bar often outweighs the green ones, it often until the night before, until the threat of complete failure breaths down our necks, then the pressure becomes too much, that’s when we finally get it done.


There are a couple of strategies to beat procrastination; one is by creating an environment of inevitability; this means creating an environment where it is difficult not to do anything than actually doing it. Another strategy is called the do something principle, this means when you want to get something done, you start with the simplest component of that task. The do something principle is effective because the cause and effect of motivation is in the task, the moment you start with the small and simple action, the momentum is built and make the rest of the task simpler.

Olayinka Sodiq’s (OS) LAW OF AVOIDANCE

There is a possibility you’ve heard of Parkinson’s Law. It states that “work expands to fill up the time available for its completion.” So, no matter how much time presented for a project, you will always feel like you need all the time given to you. You certainly must have heard about the immortal, Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

You certainly have not heard about Olayinka Sodiq’s Law? I made it up. It reads: “The more something threatens your identity, the more you will avoid doing it.” means the more something threatens to change your view of yourself, how you see yourself, the more likely procrastination sets in, the more you will avoid doing it. Important decisions we pass up because they change our views and feelings about ourselves are most likely the best decision for us.

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