The Two Types of Inspiration

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq


It’s all too easy spending the entire day looking for inspiration. It can be found in lots of outstanding videos, news stories and send them out to your friends. But the long-lasting type of inspiration comes from utilizing those outside bits of motivation to enhance your personal goals. It is significant to learn. Soaking up new information is essential to Successful people in different types of fields. Motivation and inspiration are found in the work and success of others.

But there is a problem: absorbing the ideas of other people is called passive inspiration. Every moment you decide to read an article, watch a video or listen to an interview, that is an act of passive inspiration. It is possible to learn something while you actually do not have to do anything. Listening about other people’s success is very different as creating your own.

Instead, through the process of active inspiration — the act of generating things, utilizing new ideas to our goals, as well as making mistakes, we tend to discover who we are and what is essential to us. although, active inspiration is what leads in long—term enthusiasm and passion. Spending time observing other people success can only get you excited for a few minutes, but applying a new idea to your life will definitely inspire you more.

listening and Learning gives you thoughts about things in a different way, but producing, experimenting and creating is what charges you ahead. Passive inspiration will provide ideas, but active inspiration will give you the driving force.

“Receiving information is not the best form of inspiration, the application of what was received is the best type of inspiration”. —Olayinka Sodiq

When a good idea presents itself, utilize it. People spend too much time searching for additional inspiration instead of creating something that we have learned. It’s about coming across a wonderful idea and applying it into your work. It’s about getting a new strategy and utilizing it your own goals. Ideas applications are more powerful than the idea itself.

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