How to Become a Creative Person

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

Permit yourself to create junk

In any inventive adventure, it is essential to develop waste, and there is certainly no way to avoid it. In some cases, you would need to write about four terrible pages to discover that you have written one good sentence in the second paragraph of the last page. The ability to Create useful and compelling things is like seeing a gold mine. You must have gone through pounds of dirt and rock] to find a little bit of gold in the middle of it all. You will discover pieces and small bits of genius if you let the muse flow.

Create on a schedule

Consistency is the only act that will unlock more creative genius. The ability to Practice your craft over and over again is a meaningful way to become pretty good at it.

To achieve your best creative work, do not treat it like a choice. Get up in the morning and make a decision, inspire yourself to create something that day. Create a Set schedule for your work.

Finish something

Whenever you start something, make sure you get it done. Stop all the excessive planning, researching, and preparing to do the work and get the job done no matter how good or bad it is. You cannot set the world on fire at your first attempt; you only need to prove to yourself that you can produce something.

Stop judging your work

Everyone who produces or create something regularly will at a certain point in time begin to judge their work.  It is natural to decide your job; sometimes, you feel disappointed that your production is not as excellent as you have thought. But the key is never to let your discontent stop the continuation of the work. self-compassion is essential to halt self-judgment from ruining your work.  It is good sometimes to laugh and joke about your mistakes and never let judgment hinder delivery.

Hold yourself accountable

It is essential to Share your work with the public, and you will be held responsible for creating your best work. And the moment people begin to connect with your creation, you will be inspired to become more productive and create more. Most times sharing your work opens you up to critics and haters, but more often than not, you will be able to connect with people who share your belief and vision and are excited about the same things you are passionate about.


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