Things to Know About Generation X

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Generation X comes before the Millennial generation but after the Baby Boomers. According to statistics from Wikipedia, Humans who were born between the early 1960s and mid-1980s fall into the Generation X category. According to a United State census report, there are currently about 84 million people in the world who fall into this category. Every generation comes with their own stereotypes and attribution, for better or for worse. Gen Xers are said to be members of a time where various social and cultural changes were going on in society. children growing up during that period experiences less parental supervision, unlike the Baby Boomer counterparts. Generation Xers grew up a time where there was an increase in divorce rates, and a lot of women and mothers entered the labor force outside of their homes. This generation is also associated with hip-hop music, entrepreneurship, independent films and the balance between work and life.

The Overall Perceptions of Generation X

Like most perceptions, the ones held about people who are recognized as Generation X come with some supporting evidence and reasons. For example, notable platforms such as YouTube, Google, and Amazon were started by Gen Xers. A dichotomy applies while associating with free-thinking Generation X. This characteristic, in particular, is perceived to be an offshoot of the environment and culture in which a lot of Gen Xers were raised. Due to parents entering into the labor world and divorce, as well as other similar factors, Gen Xers learned how to provide for themselves at a very young age. Therefore, traits like self-sufficiency and autonomy were developed which are linked to independent thinking. Therefore, a lot of Gen Xers do well on their own and in the workforce.

The Economic Contributions of Generation X

Statistics and facts speak for themselves. According to Vision Critical, Gen Xers contributes immensely to the economy. Generation X is responsible for 31% of united state of America’s total income, although they only comprise 25% of the U.S. population. This speaks volumes about their work ethic and the capabilities of people in this category. Gen Xers have created countless jobs opportunities. No one can deny the overall importance of Generation X.

The Culture and Education Of Generation X

Generation X is widely regarded as educated, knowledgeable and well-versed. Generation X is successful and productive mentors for millennials. Gen Xers often have the information and real-world experience that younger generations are yet to attain. Generation X is also very high consumers of media and technology.

The Influence of Generation X

In this day and age, millennials get more attention and press than their older counterparts. Gen Xers’ lack of attention and press does not deter their influence. At a certain point, millennials will become the leading and dominant generation in America. The quality of millennials leadership will be impacted by the quality of guidance received from Gen Xers’.

The Great Equalizer

Generation X comes with their qualities, unique habits, and statistics. the elements above positively impact American society. Each generation faces challenges, obstacles, potential setbacks and experiences the highs and lows of life in order to accomplish dreams. Every generation will experience sadness, joy, happiness, pain, anxiety, and excitement, etc.

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