Stages of personal development

Written by Freelancing Writer and Editor : Olayinka Sodiq

We all have been running from one place to another in search of success, but only a few understand the fact that there are specific stages of individual development and it requires a large amount of work and time to continue improving. Whenever you talk about personal growth, the majority of people tend to think about pulling-off short-term goals meanwhile personal growth is a lifetime procedure that never comes to an end. The primary rule of personal growth is to acquire knowledge, enhance your skills, and ensure you do not remain in your comfort zone. All of these requires effort and time, but with persistence and determination, the sky is only the beginning. Here are few steps to help you through the process of personal growth.


It is the first step that you have to take, and it is where you begin to evaluate yourself, think about your area of dominance, your weakness, and strengths. Self-knowledge gives you a proper evaluation of yourself, understand your needs, and decide if you have achieved enough or you want more. You cannot achieve personal development without self-knowledge because you need to understand your journey, where you’re headed and know how to enhance your skills and knowledge.


When you finally get a good understanding of yourself, it is time to get acquainted with other people, meet up with people who are better than you. Although making a comparison of yourself and other people is not good, but it is a start point to become a better version of yourself. A lot of people feel jealous whenever another person becomes a success. They often want to know the secret behind the progress, therefore, the comparison begins.

Meanwhile several others have a different mentality. We all get various opportunities in our lifetime, and there are few skills to help attain success quickly. Ensure you learn from people who are better than you and work on new skills. One primary key to success is comparison, compare yourself to yourself so that you can evaluate your wins and losses. You get to work on your weak points and work to become a better person.

“Whenever you focus on being the best version of yourself, you attract the best possible life and opportunities for yourself.” ― Olayinka Sodiq.


Modification is the third stage of personal growth. Whenever the thought of changing your life for better comes to mind, increasing your knowledge, views and skills should be at the forefront. Whatever your reason for growth is, whatever passion that drives you, it could an inspiration from a particular billionaire, or you want a better life for yourself, the modification stage lets you give development a chance, and it is a significant step to attain growth.



Now that you understand your purpose in life, it is time to determine how much time and effort to put into transforming your life for better. You know your weaknesses, and now you have to accept them. There is no need for the blame game, never blame yourself for who you are. Self-acceptance will help you value yourself without criticizing yourself. Now that you know where to improve buckle up your shoes.


Do you wish to understand the Spanish language? Or do you want to begin exportation business? Whatever your choice is, set your goals and make a good plan for growth. Set your goals (long and short-term goals), Create a plan, write down your achievements. Planning is essential when it comes to self-growth because it helps you focus and move in the right direction.

Reaching Your Potential

Self-growth needs hard work and fighting your fears and doubts. Which is why you need to get out of your comfort zone, avoid it at all cost until you attain your potentials. To improve daily, you need to realize your self-worth and value. Try things that catch your attention and interests you even if you fear failure. You cannot understand your talents without trial. However, you require patience because personal growth requires a whole lot of time.


It is the last stage of personal development. As you must have heard a whole lot of times that the sky is the limit, and you cannot know everything for sure. But self-growth should be high on your list, do not give up on your dreams and continue to achieve. Personal development is a lifetime process that lets you keep a work-life balance and become a happy person, and your obstacles do not define you, always remember that.

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